Servus and hello!

I'm Jan. I am the husband of a wonderful wife and proud father of a little boy. For the next three years we will call Vienna home. I've lived and worked in many different places and bringing my photojournalistic and documentary style to Vienna is exciting! I absolutely love taking pictures, but I don't really enjoy being photographed. I think that most people feel that way, so for me it's really important to put my clients at ease and give them the time and space to be themselves.

I'm not one for words, that's why I ended up taking photos for a living. Get in touch if you like what you see!

Karen + Phil


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Do you only shoot weddings and engagements ?

No, I work with couples as well as with families and events.

What is the final product ?

You will receive a beautiful web gallery that allows you to download, share and print your photos.