EG LNG Golf Tournament Malabo

The last two weeks were crazy. Went to Paris for the weekend, came back, took photos, pitched clients, packed again and now I’m back in Germany for a week. Just yesterday I went to shoot the EG LNG Golf Tournament Malabo at the Sofitel Sipopo. It was a fun game, although very rainy, which definitely affected the morale. Unfortunately in Malabo, you gotta pick between rain and extreme heat, so I actually didn’t mind the rain that much.

That’s it for me for this Golf season. Things get quiet over the (European) summer and pick back up towards fall. I’m really psyched to shoot a wedding again this week and I have some other cool projects lined up as well!


EGLNG Golf-6169

EGLNG Golf-6208

EGLNG Golf-6209

EGLNG Golf-6224

EGLNG Golf-6230

EGLNG Golf-6248

EGLNG Golf-6256

EGLNG Golf-6277

EGLNG Golf-6283

EGLNG Golf-6289

EGLNG Golf-6291

EGLNG Golf-6313

EGLNG Golf-6339

EGLNG Golf-6442

EGLNG Golf-6485

EGLNG Golf-6499

EGLNG Golf-6584

EGLNG Golf-6591

EGLNG Golf-6628

EGLNG Golf-6676

EGLNG Golf-6705

EGLNG Golf-6780

EGLNG Golf-6862

EGLNG Golf-9227